Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I have just added an article to the New Stuff on the right, about this horrible industry.  Imagine spending your life in a stall, standing, wearing a urine collector all the time, and being kept dehydrated, so the urine is concentrated.

Besides being a cruel industry, it also has another negative within the health industry.  Some of you  know I was diagnosed with ovarian, stage 3 cancer in 2001, after being on Premarin for 10 years after a complete hysterectomy.  I was put on Premarin the day after surgery, and unfortunately for the next 10 years I was getting double doses of hormones.  My doctor for some strange reason, did not remove ovaries, although the surgical report said they were removed and biopsied.  Obviously I beat the odds, but we'll never know for sure if doubling up the hormones was the cause or not. 

In the last few years Premarin has been linked to cancer, which has decimated the PMU industry, which is a good thing............BUT......... I'm sure if there is any way to make a living out of the misery of any animal, man will figure out how to do it.  Compassion is so badly needed in humanity, in so many areas.  Very sad........!!

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Witcheylady said...

Very sad indeed!