Friday, July 10, 2015


 Here are the boys, with Sarah and Eric, getting to know each other.  The boys had already figured out that was grass under their feet, and saw no reason to waste time getting acquainted with new people.  So they were a little bull headed about being cooperative.  I thought at one time Sarah was going to go skiing if she didn't let go of Ruger's lead, but he finally settled down enough to let us lead him around.  Wister was a little more cooperative, but not much.  These two boys have never been on grass in their lives, and seemed to think they better eat all they could while it was available.These guys have never gone hungry, so I hope they will just eat what they need.  It isn't seeded pasture, so it's not really lush thank goodness.

This is Peyton looking on.  She's a little fast moving and of course has a high pitched voice, but I think once they get use to her, it will be fine.  Ruger was a little less forgiving that Wister, but they both did pretty good.   Her little sister is a little over a year old, and was taking a nap I guess.  So that will be another little person to get use to........LOL

I took this right before we left, you can tell they were very upset at us leaving them there........NOT! 

The momma fly catcher has been taking care of the baby.  When we left this morning it was raining really hard and Amy was cleaning pens.  When we got home this afternoon, she had put a bucket over the nest basket sitting on Pancho's flat shelter roof on it's side.  The momma was having a fit because she wouldn't go in the nest, so John removed it.  The little bird was quite lively and skittered away from John twice before he could get it back in the "nest".  Came in the house and when he went out later, the little bird was gone.  It wasn't close to feathered out, so it didn't hop out and get in the tree.  We think it probably got out of the nest like it did with John and when it got to the edge of the roof, fell on the ground.  Saddik was running around waiting for his supper and we think he got the baby.   

I feel terrible, the momma had adjusted to it being in the basket and she has been calling and calling.  We looked all around just to make sure, but it's not on the ground anywhere.  I know percentage wise a lot of baby birds get lost every year, but I wish it hadn't happened on our watch.   

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