Tuesday, June 09, 2009


This is Judy & Rory, getting ready to go home. I think she was glad to see him. Now maybe she will get brushed more & get some of the long hair off. One of the symptoms of Cushings disease is long hair that doesn't shed. Since she's been on pergolide, she has started shedding, although I don't know if she will ever slick out, her coat is pretty rough.

Noticed today that Frijolita is not losing weight. She was plump when she got here, & she's still plump. Now that we have an empty pen, we thought about feeding her by herself, rather than with Lucy, Daisy & Buster. But I don't really think she's eating that much hay, the four of them only get 10 pounds of hay a feeding. I would imagine she is eating "off the land", which is going to get quite interesting pretty soon. The mesquite trees have set lots of beans this year. Right now they look like small green beans, but once they plump up & turn brown, the equines will go after them like candy. Which means the ones that will over eat, such as Frijolita will have to stay in pens until the beans are either eaten or have fallen on the ground. Once they have been on the ground for a few days, the donkeys won't eat them, which is good.

Daisy looks like she is losing a little weight, which is good. She doesn't really seem to go out on the property & try to eat everything in sight, like some of them do. At least she is headed in the right direction.

Max still has a few cactus spines in his shoulder & still isn't very steady on his feet. He does pretty good walking in a straight line. But if he tries to turn or change direction, his hind legs go every which way. I sure hope this is just a bad time he's going thru.

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