Friday, June 05, 2009

John got to Indiana just fine, said he actually landed early in Dallas & Indianapolis, which was a pleasant surprise. He had a busy day planned today, getting ready for the memorial tomorrow.

I guess we're doing OK, although we did have a power struggle this morning. I'm probably the only one that recognizes it as a power struggle, we'll see if feeding tonight goes any quicker. When I went out this morning I had the horse & mules, & BlackJack. Everyone else was over on Burroland, ignoring the bell, & the passage of time. I fed the chickens, mixed up breakfast & still no donkeys. I fed the few I had, got ready to get the hay wagon & low & behold, here they came wandering across the wash. I ignored them, except for putting on their fly masks, no treats not even a sweet word & loving pat. I told them to get to their pens, & I MIGHT get around to them sooner or later. Everyone except Tula, I closed her pen, so she couldn't get in it. When I do this she stands outside & screams at me, like it's my fault. Everyone ended up in their pens got their breakfast & their hay, but no treats. I'm curious how tonight will go. Usually after one of these control battles, they straighten up for awhile. We'll see.......................!!!!!!

Flies are terrible right now, I use the fly traps & fly predators & they do a good job, but right now it's humid & flies are everywhere. It would be nice if it would rain & get it over with. We sure could use it.

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