Sunday, June 07, 2009

I guess during the night someone brought back my sweet cooperative donkeys & took the ones from hell away. Well at least most of them, I still had 5 that waited until the last minute to show up this morning. That's a definite improvement over the last couple of days, besides Tula, Chester & Jenny don't count. They are ALWAYS late.....!!!

I've identified a problem area while John's been gone. He usually does the rounding up & fly mask detail. Tula will stand for you to put the fly mask on & off, BUT, when you're taking it off, she will throw her head & run, as soon as she knows it's loose. I don't allow her to do this & will keep working her around her pen, & get her to show me 2 eyes, until she gives up & will stand. John is the....... get it on, get it off, type even though I've told him it's much easier to get things accomplished when both parties know the rules. I can tell from her attitude, that she's been doing her thing, & he's been letting her get away with it. Last night in the dark, (thank goodness the moon was pretty bright) we were doing "stand still for fly mask removal, 101" for quite sometime. She finally stood, but I could tell from her body language, she was probably thinking bad thoughts about me. Although she is hard to work with she has never offered to kick, bite or run you down. I'm sure if you tried to corner her she might, although if she gets herself into a corner, (the pen is square) she will bury her head & tuck her tail, rather than show any aggression at all. I sure wish I knew why she is like she is.

Max still has a few cactus spines in his shoulder, I plucked 3 more out this morning before the muscles started twitching & he figured out what I was doing. He likes John, so maybe when John gets home tomorrow, he can get the rest, if they haven't broken down & fell out by then.


the7msn said...

Not sure if this will work on Max, but I've found that duct tape is really good for getting those itty bitty cactus spines out of my skin - they come right out when you pull off the tape.

Tish said...

I might try that although it would probably take his hair with it. They still don't seem to be bothering him, like they would me in the same circumstances. I know if I get one, it's a crisis........!! How's your guy's doing? I voted 10's for them a couple of times, on equusite hope they won.