Sunday, December 16, 2007

UPDATE ON FRED & OTHER NEWS.............!!!!

We took Fred to a Vet Clinic in Tucson yesterday to see what we are dealing with as far as his health is concerned. They did blood work & checked him over, said he was in pretty good health, except for his legs being crippled. She said that is very normal for pot bellied pigs over the age of 2. They develop arthritis & joint problems if they live long enough. We hauled him in the stock trailer, which was a surprise to the Vet clinic. They graciously told us how "most" people haul pigs, in a big dog crate.......!!!! Not loose in a 6 foot wide, 16 foot long, 7 foot high stock trailer.......!!!! But he is not eating or drinking, pooing or peeing & hasn't since we picked him up Friday. He will eat if I hand feed him, & I know he hasn't been being hand fed, so I don't know what's going on. John thinks he doesn't like staying in the trailer, & maybe misses his 3 sheep. We are thinking about putting him in with the sheep in the morning & see if that makes a difference. We're also borrowing a big crate from some friends, in case we have to haul him back to the vet. If he doesn't perk up by being in with his sheep tomorrow morning, we'll probably haul him as soon as we can get an appointment.

There's a woman interested in the sheep that is suppose to come out tomorrow to see them. All 3 of them are what they call hair sheep, they don't have wool that has to be sheared. You just pull the hair off them when they shed. Or do like the navajo do, pick it off the bushes where it gets caught & pulls out.

We took 5 of the roosters to their new home today. Talk about chicken heaven, the woman has all sorts of chickens, but also has guineas, turkeys, peacocks, geese & I don't know what all running all over the place. There was too many to even count. The Turken found out that turkeys can be pretty tough, even the girls. I don't think he's going to be the big bully they said he was in this group of poultry. One of the little banties was also trying to act like a tough guy. Liz finally picked him up to keep him from getting hurt. Hopefully he'll learn to get along before someone bigger stomps him into the ground..........!!! Ha!

Terry took a little rooster they had been calling Popcorn Chicken the other day to go with the hens she took. She changed his name to Orville, for Orville Redenbacher.........!!! She said she hoped the name Orville didn't give him the idea that he could fly..........!!!! Cute huh? One of the remaining 6 roosters, is a Polish type, with a bunch of feathers on his head, that looks like he's having a bad hair day. She decided she'd like him too, so we kept him today, & she'll pick him up this week sometime. She's already named him Hali Salassie, after the leader of Ethiopia a few decades ago. He always wore interesting military hats with a bunch of feathers, flying in the breeze.

Talked to Sugar's Mom today & she said Sugar is settling in & Jacque still hasn't quite figured out what she is. She's feigned a couple of kicks in his direction so far, so she's not going to put up with any nonsense from him I guess.

Now we need to find a good home for The Unsinkable Molly Brown. It will have to be a special home, with people that have had mules before & knows how to train her the right way.

Everyone seems to be getting along OK right now. Chester's surgery area is still draining a little bit, which should be a good thing, I hope. Dr. Taylor said it needed to drain at least 2 weeks, it will be 3 weeks this Tuesday. There is some swelling, hopefully from the surgery, not from residual joint infection.

It was 23* here last night, which makes morning chores so much fun. Some of the donkeys even had frost on their backs.

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