Wednesday, December 05, 2007

This is Chester's surgical area. Look's pretty nasty doesn't it? It was done 8 days ago, & needs to be kept open & draining for as long as possible. He's running around with the group, all over the place & seems to be doing good. Doesn't even seem to be particularly uncomfortable, he's still favoring his leg a little bit, but doesn't seem to be lame.

I will be giving him antibiotics for at least 6 weeks & the test will be after the wound heals over. Dr. Taylor said if the infection was in the joint the chances of recovery would be very slim. During surgery he couldn't tell for sure if the joint was involved or not. He said if there is infection in there once it's healed, it will swell up like it was again, & he will be lame.

Sugar will be going to her new home the 14th of this month. We will really miss her, she's such a little cutie with lots of personality.

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