Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Been kinda quiet around here the last few days, with the animals. They've been enjoying the afternoon sun, either by laying in the wash or standing with their sides to the sun, soaking up all the warmth they can for the cold nights. It was 17 degrees here this morning, although so far it's warmed up to 60 today with lots of great sunshine.

I'm still giving Chester an antibiotic shot every day. His leg isn't as swollen, but he's still limping pretty bad. It doesn't stop him from going wherever the others go though.

Other than some of them getting daily medication for ongoing health problems, the only other one I doctor on a regular basis is Cisco. He has some sort of skin condition that usually disappears when the weather cools off. This year it didn't go away. It's in one of his underarm areas, & gets raw & itchy. If I keep it coated with thunja zinc oxide it will dry up, but after a few days of not treating, it will break out again. I might have a culture ran on it the next time a Vet comes out, to see exactly what we're dealing with.

The sheep & Fred seem to be settling in to their new life & getting use to the routine around here. Fred really seems to enjoy the sunshine, I would imagine it makes his creaky joints feel better.

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