Sunday, December 02, 2007


Yesterday was not a very pleasant day. It was cold, windy & rainy all day. I was surprised we had anyone show up to see the donkeys, but there were a few hardy folks, & they seemed to enjoy the donkeys in spite of the weather. Of course the donkeys appreciated them having cups of timothy pellets to feed them.

Today was a beautiful day, the type of day people come to Arizona for. Sugar's new Mom came out to help show people around. Sugar acted like a little brat most of the day. She tried to "hog" the people away from Belle & Shiloh that were in the pen with her. She brayed every chance she got if she thought someone wasn't giving her the attention she deserved. She will be going to her new home later on this month with her new best friend, Jacque.

Everyone else really got into the idea of, people & treats. Late in the afternoon Tula actually took a pellet from a visitor's hand. The woman looked a lot like Terry, who took Tula for a couple of months to see if she could "tame" her. I don't know if that was what drew her to the woman or not. Once she took the pellet she wouldn't come back for another one. That's why I thought she figured out it wasn't Terry. But it was quite a break thru for our little Wild Child.

Molly the mule had no problem working the people for pellets. She spent the day running back & forth along the fence, making sure they knew she was there. Old Jack the mule, usually has a quid of chewed up hay in his mouth, because of his poor, & lack of teeth. He has learned that when people come to visit, he needs to spit the quid out, so they can give him pellets. When he sees the people come up to the fence........PLOP!!!!!, the quid hits the ground, he comes over to the fence & delicately takes the pellets from their hands. Usually his mouth is pretty slobbery, which is a real shock to the people that have never fed an equine before.

It's great for the gang to have a lot of people come out to visit like that. It makes them more comfortable around strangers, especially the ones that are already suspicious of people. Seeing the more precocious ones getting goodies, makes being standoffish seem kinda silly.

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