Thursday, December 27, 2007


Yes, she is adorable..................BUT...........this morning she threw an absolute fit, complete with temper tantrum. What caused this behavior? Today was worming day & we had the audacity to ruin her breakfast by putting wormer in it. She bucked & kicked & banged against the corral panels. Gave out dirty looks, & began the process all over again. I tried to make amends by adding a large portion of Omelene 300, which seems to be yummy by equine standards, but she wasn't having any of it. So I guess she will get wormed the old fashioned way, with a tube in the mouth. We've wormed her before, but thought putting the granules in her feed would be easier...............NOT....!!!


Fallenangel33 said...

I am interested in Molly, Please email me or call me, ASAP!
Hope Brown

Laura Lee said...

Molly is adorable!
My husband & I wormed our four equines on the 1st. I am so angry at the people who make these wormers! I tasted a little bit off of my pinky, then made my hubby do the same. I don't blame the fukids for hating the taste of it and trying to spit it out. It is obnoxious tasting!!! Why can't they add flavoring to it, so all animals would take it willingly? I can still taste it :(