Thursday, December 06, 2007

GOOD DAY, BAD DAY............!!!

Today is one of those days. In the rescue "business" people come to you even if it is a different species. One of our neighbors is in hospice & had quite a few animals. Her family asked if we could find homes for them. Today we delivered 14 hens, 3 ducks & 3 geese to a wonderful long term home, with other ducks & a turkey. There are also 3 sheep needing a home, & Fred the pot bellied pig. Actually he will be going to the same home as the poultry, BUT 1st he has to have "brain" surgery. He's a big boy & has never been castrated. So we offered to haul him to one of the only 2 Vets in Tucson that "do" pigs. Hopefully we can get that accomplished next week, & he can get on with his life style change. That leaves 7 roosters, which are going to be tough. Talk about an animal no one wants, I think roosters are at the top of the list. One of them is a turken & doesn't like people or other animals. He's REALLY going to be hard to find a home, I'm afraid.

That was the good news, the bad news is when we came home from delivering the poultry there was a message on our machine. A couple of days ago, we took Gato one of our cats to the Vet. They did a biopsy on a lump on his hip, one of many that had popped up in the last few weeks. We knew from an x-ray taken Tuesday, when they did the biopsy, that he had one lung that was either filled with fluid or tumor. Today they said he had some sort of fast moving cancer probably started in the lungs & caused skin tumors all over his body. He hadn't eaten or drank anything for 2 days, so I called the Vet & we took him in this afternoon. We'll bury him beside the others, under the big mesquite tree by the driveway.

As they say one door doesn't shut without another door opening. A week or so ago, our son had a black cat show up at his home in Tucson. I haven't seen him, but Rod said he is a real nice cat & keeps trying to get in the house, so he's probably been a house cat. But they have 2 housecats already, so he can't go in their house. John is going to Rod's Saturday, & will probably bring the cat home. Hopefully Midas won't mind a new friend.

Below is a link to an interesting article. This is being done by your government & does not reflect well on the people that are in a position to make such a horrible decision. I've always wondered at the type of people that could pull the trigger in these situations & then go home to their families.

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