Sunday, March 04, 2007

Yesterday I went to Tucson to the 3rd annual fundraiser for Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary for PMU mares. It's actually between Green Valley & Tubac, but Karen does her fundraiser in Tucson, where there are more people. Had a good time, saw some friends & even got Karen to promise she is going to come out & visit the donkeys. She's been promising for a long time, but she stays busy with the rescue. When she gets in horses, it's usually by the truckload.......!!! She also told me about a donkey that the neighbor thinks is being used for roping. I talked to the neighbor & gave her a card. The Animal Cruelty Task Force had a booth there, so Karen & I told her to ask them what can be done. Until laws & regulations are changed to give equines status as companion animals rather than livestock, they can be kept in very poor circumstances & nothing will be done.

Snowy is doing pretty good, although you can tell she is fragile. As long as she is comfortable & involved in what goes on around her, we'll take one day at a time.

There is a new Vet clinic on the east side of Tucson, I just learned about. They have 4 Vets, which means a 24/7 clinic........!!!!!! YEA! And they advertise for all types of animals. I'm going to make an appointment for Belle next week, to have her jaw x-rayed. Where that rock or whatever it was came out, there seems to be another " ? " floating around. We had planned on taking her up to the equine clinic at Gilbert, but had been waiting until her bowed tendons healed. She's walking good now, but rather than haul all the way up there, almost 200 miles one way, we'll haul her a shorter way, about 48 miles, & meet new Vets. And in the process check out their operation.

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