Friday, March 23, 2007


We're getting some rain today, which we need badly. The donkeys certainly don't think much of it though. Donkeys "really" don't like to be wet. I might feel sorrier for them, if there weren't 7 shelters on the place. As soon as the gates are opened they leave the pens & I guess the thought doesn't occur to them, that if it rains it's dry in the shelters. Jack the mule & Max the horse both will go back to the shelters, but not the donkeys.

Yesterday we had a nice family come to visit. They are thinking about getting a couple of donkeys, & had a lot of questions, which is great. Shiloh was really friendly. He was even leaning on the man at one time. Considering when he came here, he had no interest in anything for over 2 years, he's made great progress.

This morning, in between rain showers a woman came to get the chickens & 2 rabbits, even all the roosters. After she got here, she decided to take all 5 rabbits also & will make pens for them so they can dig dens & act like normal rabbits, rather than being in wire cages. She said there will be a separate pen for the "boys & girls" though. Boy is her 6 year old son going to be surprised.......!!! A friend of hers will take care of them until Easter.

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