Wednesday, March 28, 2007


John had a cowboy friend look at a flake of the hay to see what he thought. He said it looked to him like it had laid in the field too long before it was baled, & was sun bleached. All in all he said it was lousy horse hay. Cows aren't particular about their hay, so a friend is going to buy it for her cows. Whew! we weren't looking forward to loading it on the trailer & hauling it back to the farm. But we will have to go next week & get some replacement hay. I think this time I will take my hay corer with me, & use it to see what the bales look like inside before we load them.

Had some visitors today. The donkeys always enjoy seeing people. They don't enjoy having to stay in their pens until the people get here though. If they weren't in the pens, after breakfast they would wander off, in a dozen directions. They might or might not, come up to the people when they got here. Since the people come to see the donkeys, we try to make sure they are available, so in the pens they stay. Usually when they see the van drive up, you can almost see their little minds working, "OH! that's why we're in the pens"............people = food & pets......!!! But the time they spend in the pens between breakfast & the people showing up, is lost as far as they are concerned. Every time we walk out of the house, they yell at us, like they think we have forgotten them.

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