Wednesday, March 07, 2007


This has been an interesting morning. I noticed a few days ago, that Cisco's feet looked a little ragged. Our rocky gravelly ground out here, usually keeps their feet good without having to trim them, if they walk around enough.

I got out all my "toys"..... nippers, rasp, hoof pick, knife & determination. Actually Cisco is pretty good, although he does have a tendency to walk off, with me trying to hang onto a foot. I could tie him up, but would rather have him cooperate because he wants to. After we negotiated the 1st foot a few times, he was just fine with the others. I wish I knew more about trimming their feet. But even I can tell when the bars are too high. That's about all I did was take a little off some of his bars.

Then I cleaned the chicken pen, where we will be moving the chickens in a few days. Whew! that's going to take more than one session. I'll have to wait until John is home to help me move some boards in there. He said there are mice nests under the boards, so I hope they can find another home before the chickens find them. A lot of people don't realize that chickens can be hunters, & I have seen them kill & dismember quite a few mice over the years. Once the chickens are moved, then work on the new corral area can start.

Belle has her appointment for next week.

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