Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Our neighbor died last week, & there was no one to take care of his rabbits & chickens. We got ahold of the woman that is representing his affairs, & she was thrilled that we would take them. We found 5 rabbits, 6 hens & 5 roosters. That's not counting one rooster that is obviously smarter & more agile than we are. We will go back tonight & see if darkness will give us an advantage. We would like to find good homes for them. We just moved our chickens over to their new pen last week, so we could build some more corrals in the old chicken pen area. Good thing John hadn't gotten around to taking the old pen down. They didn't seem to be overly upset about their lifestyle change, I think everyone of them has already had a dust bath. I'm sure we can find homes for the rabbits & the hens..............but roosters aren't easy to find good homes for. Paul let his hens set clutches of eggs, & the roosters became supper.............!!!!! Anyone that knows us, knows we're not going to do that........!!!!! Ha! So we might have to build a permanent "rooster" pen.

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