Friday, February 02, 2007


This piece of wire looks rather innocuous doesn't it? It's not...........!!!!!

This is the type of damage it can cause. This little girl has been carrying this piece of wire around for months embedded in her leg. From what we know, she has been on her own for years, no one knows where she came from, or who her last owners were. I hesitate to call her a donkey, because we think she might be a little mule. I have only seen a picture of her, & will not see her in person until the 17th of February, when we deliver Benny & Nina to their new home.

The people that are adopting them, discovered this little girl eeking out a living close to where they live, & once they saw her leg, took on the responsibility to help her. No one knew what was causing the on going infection in her leg. Once they caught her, & the vet started working on her leg, this piece of wire was found, wrapped around the bone. I can't imagine how painful this has been for her. Tom was gracious enough to allow me to share these pictures so others can see how much damage something so small as a piece of wire can cause.

The last I heard a couple of days ago, she was much better, & was putting weight on that leg. Hopefully she will heal without any further problems. It looks like Benny & Nina will have someone to show them around at their new home.

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