Thursday, February 15, 2007


Guess not.........!!!!! Although it was only in the 20's, but this morning the added frost, made it seem colder. Yesterday we actually got a little rain, of course while we were doing chores. It quit just as I was picking up the last of the "poo" & the sun came out. ;-(

Snowy isn't bouncing back, but she is at least holding her own. I wish she was stronger. She is eating OK, nothing to cheer about, but she does eat. She goes out of her pen, to spend the day on the other side of the wash. I don't see her do anything over there except stand, but at least she gets exercise walking over there & walking back at feeding time in the afternoon. She's probably in her 30's, & we have to think about what happens next. As long as she is eating, moving around, (although she no longer lays down, she knows she can't get back up) & paying attention to what goes on around her, we'll take it one day at a time.

Everybody else seems to be doing great right now. This is a picture of Buddy Brat. Buddy has been with us 7 years this month. He wasn't a rescue, he had a good home, but the man had too many donkeys, & BlackJack needed a "buddy" after we lost Cisco I. Buddy's name when we got him was Eeyore, but we changed it. As time went on we changed that to Buddy Brat for cause.....!!!! He's never been mistreated, & is very smart. Consequently he has no fear, & can think up all sorts of entertainment to amuse himself. He teepeed the driveway one day with a roll of paper towels he found in the back of the van. During fly mask season he is one of the instigators for using them as toys. Unfortunately he is insulin resistant, & has to be on a diet all the time. He loves to eat, so it's always a challenge to keep him on the path to being thin. Thin he will never be, I'm afraid.

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