Monday, February 05, 2007


Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, lots of sun, & a mild breeze most of the afternoon. This is the kind of day people come to Arizona for.

The ones that need it got their feet trimmed today. Katie came out this morning & brought her brother that is visiting from cold weather country. He's going home tomorrow, poor guy......!!!!

Everyone's feet were pretty good, although Katie did find some thrush in 2 of Snowy's feet. Unfortunately one is her good hind foot. She can't hardly stand on the other one probably because of arthritis. So it's very hard to doctor her effectively. She will need to be doctored at least twice a day for awhile. Tonight we tried to pick her foot up & she just couldn't do it. Tomorrow I will try putting the diluted lysol, I'm using right now in a metal pie pan & see if I can get her to keep her foot in there for a few minutes. She is so unassuming & quiet, you forget she's a mule, until you try to do something with her. Then it becomes perfectly clear that she is definately a MULE........!!!! She may be old, & not very strong, but she is not giving up without a fight...........!!!!!!

Pepper has been having his feet trimmed every 5-6 weeks because of foundering about 4 years ago. Last time Katie was here his feet were good, & she didn't trim him. This time he just needed a little touch-up, which means he is well on his way to self trimming, like most of the other donkeys do. Our ground has a lot of gravel, which is very good for keeping their feet worn down naturally.

Nina got her last trim before she goes to her new home in a few days. The first time Katie trimmed her, she was rather squirmy. Today she stood very quietly....... what a sweet natured girl she is. I had a special fly mask made for her to protect the open part of her nose, from the flies this summer. Got it today, & it fits perfectly.

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