Monday, February 26, 2007

SPRING IS IN THE AIR.........?????


Just about the time we think spring is here, we get a night like night before last. It was 21 degrees when we got up & there was ice on all the water buckets. Last night it was 35 degrees, which is more to our liking.

We are going to move the stock tank goldfish today. They have been on vacation in the spa room for the last few months. One was floating on top one cold day, so we scooped all of them up & brought them in the house. Goldfish can take cold weather, so I don't know what was his problem. John said the others probably put him up to it......told him to go up there & float, so they could come in the house & get fed for the winter. They were in last winter also, but that was because we wormed the donkeys one day, they got drinks of water & there was enough wormer on their muzzles to make all the fish float. Since then John puts a piece of plywood over the tank for the day when we worm. Boy that really upsets the donkeys, even though we put a tub of water right by the stock tank, they let us know, that it isn't like it is suppose to be, we get dirty looks & they will stand with their head hanging over the plywood.

Had some volunteers come out yesterday to help John put up fence for the new chicken pen. Dave & Liz had come out to visit the donkeys awhile back, & offered to help. Where the old chicken pen is, will be a new corral area for donkeys. It just so happened, John's cousin Carol & her husband Don were visiting from Alaska, so Don offered to help with the fence also. I guess, it's a good thing there were lots of hands, they said the fencing had a mind of it's own. Course it didn't help, they were working right beside a run of barbed wire fence & under mesquite trees. Once John gets the final touches completed & we get the chickens moved, we can start renovating the old chicken pen area. The chickens are going to be surprised, they've been in that pen since they were 1 day old, over 8 years ago.

All the donkeys seem to be doing well. Snowy is still wearing her blanket & boots every night. She stands very still when I "dress" her, so I assume she likes having everything on. She's much more alert & is eating much better since we've had the blanket for her. I feel bad that the cold nights were so hard on her, & I didn't realize it sooner.

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