Sunday, February 18, 2007


We delivered Nina & Benny to their new family yesterday. Although I don't think they enjoyed the trailer ride. Benny refused to take a ginger snap from me, when we stopped for lunch, to show his displeasure. It's the first time he's ever refused anything to eat that I know of........!!! But when we got there, John put a lead on Benny & I took Nina. They walked out of the trailer, like it was no big deal, went into their pen & started looking for hay scraps.

There were a few pieces of hay here & there, because Lucy the little mule with the bad leg has been there for awhile. Her leg looks really good, considering what it looked like less than a month ago. It's almost completely healed, she isn't lame or it or anything. The Vet thought the piece of wire might have been embedded in her leg for years rather than months........!!!!! He really did a good job, to get that mess cleaned up in one treatment.

She is a cute little thing, I doubt if she is 36 inches tall. She is still in her corral. But as friendly & easy to work with as she is, they will probably let her out soon. They will keep Nina & Benny in their corral for a couple of days, & then they can go out & run around on the property. They are going to have fun, it's perfect donkey country.

Snowy seems to be doing better, she seems a little stronger & more involved in what is going on around her. We've been giving her some different supplements for her arthritis, maybe it's doing some good.

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