Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thanks Bill for the picture of Martha, BlackJack & Ellyn

We've had quite a few visitors the last couple of weeks, to see the donkeys. Most of the donkeys have learned the routine, "unknown vehicle drives in driveway....... more than one person gets out........ the "head jenny & big boss" greet them in the driveway & stand talking......!!! After a few minutes of "people" chit chat, it's time to move in & start showing the people how cute we can be. Head jenny usually give them cups of timothy pellets to feed, as the people walk around visiting with everyone. All the donkeys have learned that it works out best to not push & try to get the people to feed the pellets just to them. Head jenny really gets mad..............!!!! Except for Benny, he's still working on his "crowd" manners. He tries to behave, but all those people, carrying cups of pellets, is almost more than a young donkey can stand.

Everyone has been pretty healthy lately which is great. Even Belle's bowed tendons seems to be healing nicely. She is walking normally, although I am still wrapping her legs at night. The weather has been cold & humid for the most part, which makes chores in the early morning a lot of fun. The donkeys don't seem to care, as long as the hay is forthcoming.

Snowy is still enjoying her blanket & boots, some days have been so cold & miserable, I've left her dressed. We recently read an article on older equine with arthritis & the fact that they can't lay down to rest because they know they can't get back up. So they end up sleep deprived. We know she doesn't lay down because she never has dirt or anything on her blanket. They recommended giving bute for 5 nights to see if that would help them be able to lay down. We started giving her bute yesterday, to see if it might help her. You can't give bute long term, it can cause ulcers. But you can give it for a few days at a time. The article said if they can lay down 1/2 hour once a week, it can really make a difference. Horses don't sleep like we do anyway. As a flight animal they are always ready to run. Consequently, they take short naps day & night. But I guess they need a deep nap every few days. Sometimes you will see equine laying down, with one on watch. I guess that's when everyone but the guard are getting their deep sleep.

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