Saturday, January 20, 2007


I've been off line the last few days, because of computer problems. Seems like life goes on, whether the "puter" works or not.

Had visitors a couple of days ago. They came with lots of apples, carrots & raisins. Needless to say they were very popular with some of the equines. Kathy & Beth offered to do some grooming & brushing, so I got out the equipment. It's been so long since most of them have been brushed, they weren't that interested. Guess we need volunteers to come out more often so the donkeys realize the benefit of "good grooming".............!!!!!!

We had an article about the sanctuary come out in the local paper this week. It was really a nice article & a lot bigger than we expected. It's scary to see your face plastered all over the front page though..........!!!!

This morning Snowy laid down for the first time in a long time. I think she's been afraid to lay down, because she might not be able to get back up. Sure enough, she had her good back leg on the bottom & couldn't get it underneath her, to hoist herself back up. After 3 tries, I got on the phone to call John, who was on his way to Tucson. Left a message, & of course when I went back out, she had figured it out, & had managed to get up. I checked her all over & she looked at me, like I was nuts. I sometimes think they do things like this to see if we are paying attention........!!! (G) I called John again, so he would know we were doing OK.

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