Friday, January 12, 2007


We had a group of visitors out a couple of days ago. Benny as usual was in the middle of things. We finally put him in a pen. He tries so hard to entertain everyone, we were afraid someone might get hurt. He's well behaved, but young enough to not always show good judgement.

Yesterday we had an appointment to take Jack the mule to the vet. He started coughing & wheezing a few days ago. Wed night he had a real bad spell, but was just fine yesterday morning. We think he must have had a stick or something caught in his throat & managed to dislodge it. So I called & canceled the appointment. Believe me, it didn't break our heart. Jack does not like to be doctored, & will impress that upon you, in any way he can. He may not be very big, but he is very determined. We no longer attempt to vaccinate him, the battle isn't worth it.

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