Sunday, January 14, 2007


Thanks for the picture, KC....!!!!

Yesterday we went to do a "home study" at their new home. Susan & Tom had been out to visit the donkeys, & seemed like perfect donkey "parents". Our primary question was the type of ground they would be living on. Nina's rear feet are not right. Neither I or the trimmers can figure out exactly what her problem is. But we have decided, she needs to run on hard, gravelly rocky ground. They have 20 acres that couldn't be better if we had special ordered it. They will be going home in the next couple of weeks probably.

The picture was taken a few days ago, when a friend brought her granddaughter out to visit the donkeys. Benny made sure he was closest to the petting & wiggled in between Cameron & Nina. He soaks up attention like a sponge.

It was 13.5 degrees here this morning, which didn't make anyone happy. Then all the donkeys decided they didn't like the hay that was offered. Granted it didn't look that good to us either, it was dirty, & had assorted unknown types of grasses, weeds or whatever. They all looked at us like we were trying to poison them. So John, went to the hay barn & got them some different hay. By this time of year, if you didn't get all your hay during the season last summer, you have to take what you can find that's available. We are buying from the same place, but obviously not all of their hay is created equal, at least in the eyes of the "experts"..............!!!! This afternoon the sun is shining & it is a beautiful day.

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