Thursday, January 25, 2007


John had a jeep tour early this morning. He went out in the dark & started preparation in the feed room before he headed for Tucson, so everything was ready for me to feed. It's a lot quicker when 2 are feeding, & picking up poo, but I plug away & it eventually gets done. The animals like the quicker routine of 2 feeding, & let me know I'm slow by myself. I thought Max the horse was going to turn himself wrong side out, he was air dancing to tell me to hurry up. Jack, the mule gets a little frisky too. He doesn't air dance, he "double barrel" kicks straight back & very quick. He wouldn't kick you on purpose, but we usually tell him to settle down, before we go in the gate. He's very good about slowing down to just prancing around & talking to you, rather than acting like a bucking bronco.

Sha'ba was really vocal this morning, no braying, but I was afraid he was going to suck his tongue down his throat, as much wheezing & huffing as he was doing. I'm glad I can't really remember how thin, crippled & horrible he looked when we picked him up in Tucson about 4 years ago. He's fat, sassy, walks sound even though he has an old break on one of his rear legs, & has developed an attitude. I do wish he'd quit eating prickly pear cactus though. He usually has spines in his face, & if you try to pet him, he "shares" them. Obviously they don't bother him as much as they bother us, because he eats cactus every day.

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