Tuesday, October 27, 2020


 We did chores this morning in this:  Let it snow, let it snow......

Last week it was over 100*, this morning it was 34* and is suppose to be around 90* this week-end......!!  LOL  

The donkeys didn't seem to mind it, but they have no undercoat, so the wet snow melted on them.  Poor little LaRoy was shivering, so he got to wear a blanket all day.  Tonight is suppose to be around freezing, so he still had a blanket on for the night. At feeding time tonight, Jackson was reaching thru the corral panels trying to get hold of LaRoy's blanket.  Usually they are together except at feeding time, but tonight they will be separated, to hopefully protect the blanket....... !!  Jackson is very good at removing LaRoy's fly mask, so I'm pretty sure the blanket wouldn't be a problem.

I also ordered a blanket for Big Gus.  We have blankets but none big enough for him, he's horse size.  I don't know that he will need a blanket this winter but at over 40 years old, I'd rather have one available if needed.  

We have 4 cats in the house, and Julius an outdoor/indoor cat that started out feral and 2 or 3 years ago, decided being inside was pretty nice sometimes, so he comes and goes.  Recently a grey cat started coming in to eat almost every day.  Unfortunately he hasn't had "brain" surgery.  John set a live trap out on the back porch for "Smokey" to get use to it being there.  His routine has been to come right before sundown to eat dry food.  Tonight John baited the trap with canned food and he took the bait.  He will spend the night in the trap in the garage and will go in the morning for surgery. He's pretty calm, we may have another outdoor/indoor kitty, or we may never see him again, when he gets out of the crate.......LOL  Years ago when we were trying to catch Julius' mom to have her spayed, we caught 2 or 3 tomcats in the process.  Hauled them to the vet for corrective surgery.  One of them we called Striker, he was pretty high energy and had a real low opinion of us to the point of being dangerous.  He managed to escape from a wire cage we wanted to keep him in for 2 or 3 days after being neutered, the day we brought him home, never saw him again.  Guess he decided we weren't much fun..........LOL

We are hoping really hard the donkeys will get to go out tomorrow afternoon.  We've done everything except rake beans around the clock.  It's so discouraging to be raking and raking, then turn around and notice a tree you hadn't noticed.  Lynn and John raked and piled today, the neighbor is suppose to come with his wagon tomorrow to load up all the piles and haul them off the property.  Our plan is to let them out about 3:30-4:00 o'clock and then try to get them all back in by 5:00pm.  Wish us luck, have a feeling it won't be easy.........LOL


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