Thursday, October 15, 2020


Doesn't this look like fun.  Wednesday morning they took 12 donkeys to the canyon and did a 7 1/2 mile trek down into the canyon with a couple of rangers. 



Rangers with Pearl and Winkie

Headed for the good stuff. (VIDEO)


Amber and I think Cheeto

How's that for a view..??


I think that tire is done.........!! LOL


Yea! they made it to the state line. 


A big welcome to California and a fun week-end



ellie k said...

I think I might be able to lose some weight if I had a small donkey to run with. I am afraid he would be dragging me after a few minutes. It looks like so much fun for both donkey and people. The Grand Canyon trip had to be m, is that true?ore beauty than the eye could take in. I heard that the donkeys that are used in the Canyon are treated poorly

Tish said...

They use mules in the canyon. They of course take tourists down into the canyon and also deliver mail and supplies down to the bottom on a regular basis. We don't think there are any burros in the canyon and haven't been since the late 70s, when they hauled them all out.

ellie k said...

I don't know why I said donkeys, I guess they were on my mind. I did know they use mules and I did read that they are treated very poorly.