Saturday, June 29, 2019

RAIN.....? NOT REALLY...........!!

Well it tried earlier this afternoon, it was what we call a 4 foot rain.......4 feet between the drops on the courtyard for a minute or so.......!!  

When we first came to Arizona the oldtimers said the monsoon started the 4th of July.  It was pretty accurate, many years the fireworks were rained out.  But a few years ago, someone got the brilliant idea that the monsoon should start the middle of June.  I don't think they shared that information with whoever is in charge of rain, because we've never had rain that early and it's still usually pretty close to the 4th......!!  There's clouds around and obviously there is moisture in the air, but so far that's all we got.  

Still watching Cisco and Rosie's habronema spots, both of them are healing up without further infestation, but I'm continuing to put wormer or SWAT on the areas, just in case.  Other than those 2 and socks on Rosie and Penny's front legs I don't have much doctoring to do.  

Courtney came out as planned.  Mariah did really good with Courtney, after I drugged her with Dormosodan.  We brought Rosie down to be worked on beside Mariah in Turbo/Link’s pen.  Mariah wasn’t the least bit impressed.  Brought big Gus down and she went over to Tula’s side of the pen and basically ignored us.  Courtney went in to see if she would change her mind and she didn’t bite or kick or anything like that, just aggressively evasive. 

I think there might have been too many people there, Suzanne, the girls, John and I and Courtney with her noisy sander.  So I drugged her, it takes about 1/2 an hour, Courtney did the mini girls, and Cisco and John said Mariah was stumbling around.  Maybe so, but her cooperation level hadn’t changed much.  More drugs a little more time and she did really good.  Of course Suzanne was shoveling cookies in her mouth non stop, I was afraid Mariah would get sick.......!! LOL  Courtney didn’t use power tools, she just nipped off the long hoof wall.  Didn’t even rasp the feet, Mariah will wear them off walking around.  Courtney said she had the hardest feet she had ran into in quite awhile.  This time last year Mariah was running with her herd on the range, she was "gathered" as the BLM calls it, last July.  She is really a sweet donkey, but she's only 2 years old and we don't know if she will be a runner or not. 

Heard from Linda in Colorado, they had a training day for the Leadville race, which actually isn't until next month.  That's the race John and I are going to go up and watch, at least that's the plan.  Linda took Coquette out, I think for the first time and Linda said she was so focused on running, people were asking if she was available for adoption.  We've always said she wasn't because she was so bonded with Penny and Penny isn't adoptable for a lot of reasons.  But Coquette has done really well this summer not being with Penny, so who knows maybe she will stay in Colorado long term if the right people wanted to add her to their family.

This is some of the teams, they are above the timber line.  They went over 12,000 feet......!!

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