Thursday, June 06, 2019


The only problem with that is once it does hit 100* we will probably have a string of 100* days 15-20 days long.  That's what usually happens.  Not looking forward to that, but it's part of living in the desert I guess.

Things are pretty quiet around here, although we are still having a few tours.  Usually in the summer the tours slow down which is a good thing.  When it's hot the donkeys aren't that interested in visiting with people, they just want to stand in the shade and wait for it to cool off.  

Lynn and Linda are staying busy in "Forever Home Northern Satellite aka Colorado", I'm not sure when their next pack burro race is.  They have been doing some training, so they aren't just goofing off.....!! LOL  

The link above is from a practice day they had this week.   It's Linda running with Levi, a friend Joanne running with Buddy Brat and Lynn being the encouragement in the back.  

This is Rambo with his new family in his 1st official pack burro race.  I think the other donkey is his new buddy Earl, Steve and his daughter.  I think Linda said Steve's wife was running with a burro too.

Joanne and Justin

Lynn and Sugar climbing a trail at Georgetown

Linda and Jacque at Georgetown

John has driven for a jeep tour company in Tucson for a long time.  The owners let the drivers borrow the jeeps to give tours to friends and family that come to visit.  So a few days ago, John took Suzanne and her granddaughters out for a tour on the ranch where he usually gives tours. 

John showing the girls a large area of pictographs on a large slab of rock.
 I think he said the Hohokam tribe  are the ones that did the art work.

Suzanne and the girls beside a pretty large Saguaro

Looks like the girls are tipping their hats to Suzanne and John.  John said they saw some jackrabbits, but that is about all the wildlife they saw.  There's horses on the ranch but they didn't see them at all. 

The "new" race car is finally finished, although I've only driven it once around the driveway.  But tomorrow night they are having an open practice at the track and we're going to take it out and see how it handles.  It still isn't painted and I'll be racing Saturday night, BUT, I'll be racing the old car I've been running so far this season.  The plan is to run the new car the 22nd of June, if it survives practice tomorrow night.....!! LOL

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