Wednesday, June 19, 2019


At least for a couple more days.  But it's hot enough to think it's summer.  For the monsoons to begin the weatherman says we have to have high temperatures.  Well I'm not in any hurry for the monsoons, because then it will be humid and we'll be like the rest of the country............sticky.....!!  I do admire the people that settled in the desert in the 1800s, they had a lot of trials and tribulations to overcome, one of the biggies was summer temperatures.  BUT, they worked with the weather, started working early in the morning, and at lunchtime would find something to do in the shade or rest, until late afternoon when it started cooling off.

The people I really feel sorry for were the women, can you imagine having to cook 2 times a day in the summer, in the desert using wood as your fuel.  I've canned in the summer and even with modern conveniences like air conditioning and electric stoves, it's still hot sweaty work.  A lot of people had what they called summer kitchens, they didn't even try to cook in the house.  

The reason I said cooking 2 times a day is, my granny Bolton in Oklahoma cooked a huge breakfast, had dinner at mid day.  Then for supper they had rat trap cheese (cheddar) crackers, and sardines (which I never ate, wanted to make sure there was plenty for everyone else....LOL)  and RC Cola.  Don't even know if they make that anymore.  And for desert, homemade chocolate ice cream.  They had milk and eggs and grandad like chocolate ice cream, so that was what was on the menu.  

The donkeys for the most part are just hanging out waiting for cooler weather.  Well everyone except Big Gus.   John and I went out earlier to let him out of his pen.  He's a slow eater, so he and Cisco are usually the last ones out.  

Opened the gate, he wouldn't move so I could open it all the way, had to wrestle him for awhile.  When he came out he quickly headed for the golf cart where John was sitting and parked his rather large body in such a way, we couldn't move the golf cart.  I finally got out wrestled him out of the way told John to go, I'd catch up.  I caught up, unfortunately we stopped to let Cisco out and Big Gus was there almost as soon as we were.  He knows Cisco leaves hay.  We headed up to the garage and here he comes, and heads right into the garage to nose around.  So John had to close the door before he brought me back down to the house.  That is pretty much what happens anytime anyone goes out and BG is in sight.  Whatever you want to do, he wants to help. 

Big Gus and Richelle

Richelle and the Big Guy, any time humans go outside, he's going to be there pretty quick.

Big Gus wanting the girls to come out and play........!!

Heard from Linda last night and it sounds like they are staying busy.  She sent a video link that some of the runners had taken of a pretty large bear that was along the race route.   Lynn didn't see it, but quite a few of the runners did.  It was hiding in the trees and then went across the trail and disappeared which is a good thing.  I would imagine the donkeys wouldn't think much of a bear being that close to them.  

She said Boaz and Quilla are not wearing fly masks and have no sores on them, which is great.  I'm pretty sure I'd be doctoring both of them by now.  

We are planning on driving up to Colorado in late July to watch the Fairplay race.  I think it's the longest race and has a large group of runners, so that should be interesting.  And we'll get to meet all their friends and relatives up there.  We've heard so much about them, it's almost like we already know them.    

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