Friday, July 05, 2019


Had a lot of fun yesterday, we took 3 donkeys up Mt Lemmon for Summerhaven's annual 4th of July parade.

Our day started at 3:30am because the donkeys we were taking had to have enough time to eat their breakfast.  We went ahead and fed all the donkeys, our neighbor Jorja that picks up poo let the ones that stayed home out when she came over to clean pens.   

Left before 7am, headed to Tucson to pick up India and her little girl Nellie and started up the mountain.  John and I haven't been up there in years, the difference between down here on the desert floor and up there is amazing.  It's like being in an alpine forest, lots of trees, although they don't have as many trees as they did before the horrible fire they had a few years ago.  Our friend Leigh Anne, that asked us to walk in the parade, lost her cabin in the fire and has since built a new one that is rustic and looks like it's been there for a long time.  

We got there in time to get everyone dressed and in line for the parade.  

Pretty long parade and lots of people along the route.

BlackJack and me doing our thing.....!!  BlackJack doesn't lead really well, especially when there is grass along the road.  He has really good eye sight unfortunately........!!! LOL  In the future I will put a stud chain on him if we take him out.  It's a chain that goes across their nose and if they jerk and pull, it is across sensitive nerves and doesn't feet good.  My arms were tired from wrestling him, I even turned him over to Suzanne a few times while I recuperated.  I think a stud chain would make a lot of difference in his overall behavior when out in public .........!!

This is Leigh Anne and Jasmine, doing the Donkey Dance, she's one in a million and always has fun, no matter what's she doing. 

I'm looking for a better picture of John and his outfit.  He was in charge of the Department of Sanitation, which Mikaela printed on his bucket.  I screenshot this off the video, but I'm hoping someone got a good picture of him.  He was dressed all in white and had all the tools of the trade, which was a good thing.  Cheyenne made him work a little.  If anyone asked him, he told them it was a crappy job.......!!! LOL 

Found this one, at least it's clearer. wish I'd thought to take a picture