Friday, July 19, 2019


This morning we let Carlos and Nellie out before the others for about an hour.  I was really surprised, Nelllie seems to be Carlos' security blanket, but when I let them out, he went one way and she went the other.  

Carlos' first order of business was to pee on the poo pile

Then he took off  to find Nellie

Guess he had to show her what he had found......!!

Then Nellie was off doing her own thing

 When I went out to let the other donkeys out of their pens, Carlos was running around like a wild child, yelling and screaming.  Since Nellie wasn't with him I assumed he had lost track of her.  I hate to say it, but I saw her as he was frantically running around screeching like a banshee.  She didn't seem the least big interested in letting him know where she was.  He ran up to a couple of the donkeys and they weren't very interested in his problem either.  

FINALLY he found her and peace and quiet settled in.  LOL 

Everyone is on just the 10 acres today.  I'm sure the newbies will be easy to put back in their pens, but rather than us having to go find them in Burroland, we'll give them today to get use to being out.  

Our neighbor is suppose to go get George this afternoon.  She said Banana has just been standing around like a lost soul, so I'm sure he will be happy to see his old friend.  They are both about 20 years old and have been buds since they were 4 years old.  

One of the ranchers is going to bring some of their roping calves down to her place, so they can eat the beans.  That's a great idea wonder if he's got enough calves that we could borrow some to put over on Burroland for awhile.......!!!  LOL  We use to open the 2 gates in Burroland so the range cattle could come in and clean up the beans.  But the local rancher doesn't have as many cattle anymore and there are so many beans everywhere with this year's bumper crop, why would they bother to go thru a gate?   

Well this afternoon I was talking to Linda in Colorado and saw Carlos running behind the house with Casper the little Blanco Diablo mini mule in hot pursuit.  Told Linda I had to go, went out and they were running all over the 10 acres.  I tried intervention, which didn't work at all, they were too fast and Casper was totally focused on Carlos' butt.  It's been years since I used the bb gun to grab a donkey or in this case mule's attention...but it still works.  He ran over to the gate to Burroland and is still over there, looking back over here like, "what was that?"  Nellie was upset and went in the pens no problem, took Carlos a little longer, but he went in because she was in there.  Then she started trying to chase him and kick at him, poor guy.  A couple of cookies soothed everyone's nerves and I'll keep them in there for now.  

But for the rest of their visit, Casper will be staying in the pens, since he can't behave himself.  We thought he had quit trying to attack other equine, big or little, horse, mule or now donkey.  We'd never seen him go after a donkey before. He gets along just fine with all the donkeys here, but I guess they are HIS donkeys and he's not interested in making new friends. 

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