Friday, February 17, 2017


Rough crowd wanting to know where their supper is, BlackJack, Boaz, Leddy, Frijolita, and Tula in the back.  The rest of them were on the other side, probably
Dr. Voss called this morning after they did Penny's teeth.  They had to pull 3 loose ones on one side in the back and 1 on the other side, poor girl.  I asked him how many she had left and she now has 4 total in the back.  She likes her mush so I assume it won't be a big problem with those teeth gone and she should be a lot more comfortable. 

He said they only had about 1/2 inch of root, that was pitted, and had calcium buildup on them, not to mention leftovers from what she has eaten recently.  Of course that had all fermented, which is why her breath wasn't very inviting.  I checked her mouth yesterday morning, really didn't go inside, just gave her an animal cracker and made sure my hand touch her lip.  The smell stayed with me all day, thru 3 or 4 washings.  UGH!  

So we'll leave right after chores in the morning to go pick her up.  Linda said Coquette wasn't very happy yesterday, so she'll be thrilled to have her BFF back.


spark music teacher said...

This is Jeanne, Linda's friend. We spent a wonderful morning with your "gang". Thank you to Linda and Doug. I really loved these gentle animals. They were not at all what I expected. No kicking and he-haws!🤗 We fed them treats and petted them. I even got a hug from one. Sent a picture to my grandson (4 years old.) He was amazed. What a peaceful atmosphere.

Tish said...

Hi Jeanne:
I'm sorry I wasn't here to meet you today. Linda and Doug filled us in when we got home from Tucson, and it sounded like you all had a good time. The "fur" kids really enjoy having company and do their best to be entertaining.....!!! LOL Linda said you had a bad experience with a horse, and as you probably noticed the donkeys behavior and mental process is nothing like a horse. Horses are reactive, which can really be exciting sometimes unfortunately. Donkeys are thinkers.

I'm sure I'll get a chance to meet you, looking forward to it.