Tuesday, February 14, 2017


                       THANKS, LINDA                                  

Linda went around yesterday with her camera and head pieces for Valentine's day.  I think she has decorations for every holiday.  Her dogs know the drill, they see her coming, they sit down and wait...!!  I think St. Patrick's Day will be next.

She found out some of the donkeys are OK with it, others, not so much.  She said she is going to make a list of the cooperative ones for the future....!!! LOL

John and I usually don't celebrate holidays, but with Lynn and Linda around, especially Linda we've kinda joined in.  We're going to grill steaks out this afternoon, then we'll do chores and after chores we'll do fruit fondue for dessert.  I made a chocolate sauce and caramel sauce yesterday to heat in my fondue pots to dip the fruit in. That will be about the extent of our celebration.........!!!

The last couple of days have been wet and chilly, which doesn't bode well for arthritic donkeys.  We have 3 or 4 that are older and when the weather gets like this, they don't move around very much.  Actually Gigi had been improving after her tantrum when Tyler was here to trim her feet, but this has set her back.  The weatherman says it will be moving out this afternoon, hopefully it will.  

We still have the 2 happy wanderers here.  We've been calling them Duke and Buck.  I put an ad up at the local post office and Linda put an ad in the local buy, sell, trade paper that comes out tomorrow.  If we don't hear anything by Thursday, we'll take them into the vet and see if they are chipped.  I doubt it, they act like friendly farm dogs.  Lynn and Linda put leads on them to put them in the truck, and Linda said she doesn't think they've ever had a lead on before.  They're friendly with man or beast.......well Buck the red one has buggered up his nose, where he sticks it thru the chain link trying to bite a donkey, usually Quilla.  Actually Quilla isn't the only one that trolls the fence, but when we hear the dogs all barking like crazy, it's either one or some of the donkeys, playing, "I'm out here and you aren't".  That consists of just standing by the fence with their heads down.  For some reason that really gets the dogs going.  Seems like if the dogs quit trying to "attack" and go lay down, then the donkeys will run up and down the fence to get them going again.  I'd think all that barking would hurt their ears, but they seem to think it's entertaining......!!!

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