Thursday, February 09, 2017


 Justin in training and everyone else coming along for the adventure

Very little gets done around here without "help".  They remind me of cats, anything going on or anything new on the property, gets their full attention, until they ALL check it out. 


We've all learned to work around our helpers, otherwise we'd never get anything done.  This morning Lynn was digging a trench in the pens on the west side.  We've used hoses ran along side the pens for years to fill the water buckets.  Last year Lynn, ran water to each pen on the east side, so this year he's completing the job on the west side.  

He said Pepsi checked out the trench, jumped over it, which is not something they all would do.  I guess you never know when a snake or some type of monster might be in that trench and jump up to grab a donkey......!!!   Lynn said when Pepsi got thru checking everything out, he peed in the trench.  We're trying to figure out just exactly what that means.........LOL

Some friends of Lynn and Linda came out a couple of times on their way to Florida.  They had a lot of fun with the donkeys and as usual the donkeys did their best to be entertaining.  BlackJack is always available for letting kids sit on him for pictures.  He was raised with a little boy and probably would let kids ride on him, but we've never let anyone try.  

Years ago a church got in touch with us, for a donkey to use in a Christmas play.  They wanted Mary to ride in on a donkey.  I told them we'd get back with them and we started trying to figure out who would be the best candidate.  We decided on Cisco, I got on his back, he took 2 steps and locked up big time.  I don't think anyone had ever been on his back in his life and he wasn't interested in learning to be ridden, so no one went to the Christmas show unfortunately.  

We're not exactly sure what Cheyenne was trying to do to Ted, but he was a good sport about it.....!!!  

Lynn has made a 7/10's of a mile trail over on Burroland that is wide enough for a golf cart or his quad.  It's really going to be neat, especially when looking for donkeys, fly masks or leggings.  We can drive around and see much more than stumbling thru the mesquite like we've always done before.  

He's taken everyone for rides and it's pretty exciting, in some areas, the mesquite are "real" close, so you better be paying attention....!!!  His best time is 1.46 minutes, which is an average of 17mph.  That might not sound very fast, but believe me, things zip past pretty quick on a lot of the trail and some of the turns are pretty tight.  

So now I'm in the market for a small quad so I can be lazy and ride instead of walking or stumbling over rocks and dead limbs the donkeys have pulled off the trees.  We found one on Craigslist in Tucson, but it was too big.  Years ago John bought me a Big Bear, and big was right, my little legs could just barely reach the pegs and it wasn't very comfortable for me to wrestle.  Hopefully we can find one that's my size.....!!! 

Linda took all the pictures this time, except for the quad picture, which was about 10 years ago.  We traded it for a retired U-haul car trailer, that we use to take my Hornets to the track.  Hope the people that traded got as much use out of it, as we have out of the trailer.  It was a couple and she was quite a bit taller and heavier than I am, so she probably didn't have a problem with it.  

It's starting to warm up at night, so we're probably going into spring, although it will be awhile before the mesquite trees bud.  That's when spring starts according to the old timers.  

We've also got a crew putting a new roof on the garage, and carport.  The shingles don't hold up well out here in the desert sun, so we've decided to put on a metal roof.  Metal roofs are really good in the desert and we don't want to have to do it again in a few years, although the shingles lasted about 25 years, so I guess we really shouldn't complain too much.........!! 

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