Wednesday, February 22, 2017



Have you ever wondered when the merry-go-round was going to stop?  I've given up on that, might as well enjoy the ride I guess..........LOL

Miss PennyPacker is doing good, still in her pen until tomorrow after breakfast and her last penicillin shot.  She is such a pain to catch and work with, that we've left a halter on her.  There is no way I would let her out in the brush with a halter on, so she's had to stay in the pen.  Talk about a cranky girl.  During the day she has the run of all the pens on that side.  If she sees anyone out, she immediately runs to whichever pen is closest to the humans and starts pleading her case to get out.  

But she is eating well and seems to be healed from her dental appointment, John, Lynn and I will be almost as glad as she is when the shots, twice a day is over.  Actually she doesn't mind the shots, it was the banamine by mouth that caused her to have a hissy fit.

Lynn is strong enough to stay with her and hang onto the halter, until we can get a lead on her.  She hasn't had to have banamine for a couple of days, so it's been going better.  She'll let us walk up to her, pet her and usually get hold of the halter.  She'll even let you stand by her holding the halter without much fuss as long as you don't try to lead her or try to take charge, before someone shows up with a lead.

We were putting her in the redneck squeeze, but the last couple of times, she's let me give her the shot with Lynn holding her with the halter and lead.  The squeeze was absolutely vital when we were putting something in her mouth, for our safety.

Remember Casper the little hellion with attitude that is being fostered by our neighbors, because they have a fence like this rather than barbed wire?  Although he doesn't seem to care for other equine, he does like to visit thru the fence. Linda got this picture of Leddy and her 3 dogs checking up on the latest neighborhood gossip, I guess. 

Lynn has cleared out another ATV/Golf Cart path over here on the 10 acres, it even has a roundy-rounder, so you can go 3 different directions if you follow the circle.  We always enjoyed in Europe and the Middle East, having less traffic lights, with the circles the traffic kept moving.  Of course in the Middle East the traffic lights would have just been a suggestion for most of the people anyway.........LOL  They did really good in the traffic circles though, it was amazing. 

We've been trying to find a little ATV,  just my size, but so far Craigslist hasn't had it.  And I'm too cheap to buy a new one.........LOL  I want to get out and try out Lynn's trails.  It should be much easier to find wayward fly masks and polo wraps with the trails and an ATV.  Even if the missing items aren't in the path, the ATV will make me a little higher, so I can see farther.  Just got to find an ATV, before fly season.

Fly season must just be around the corner.  My 1st shipment of fly predators should be here Friday, poor little guys.  The days are nice and sunny, but the nights are still getting cold.  I guess they will burrow down in the poo pile, otherwise they'll be rather short lived, I'm afraid.

Now as to why we are never bored...........   Linda found out that Tombstone is having a St. Patrick's Day parade as a salute to the military and it's free to participate.  She's been looking for races or something to get Leddy out in public, and even though this isn't a race, I'm sure it will give him lots to look at..........!!!

Well you can't just take one donkey, so we decided to also take Justin, since he's been in "training" for racing.  Then we decided to also take BlackJack, since he's an old hand at this impressing people with how neat donkeys are.  So now how do we decorate them?  Linda's good at ideas, I'm mostly the nod my head in agreement type, artistic I'm not.

A friend of Linda's is coming over tomorrow to see about sewing blankets for Leddy and BJ.  Leddy will be 1st in line, and his blanket will probably have a rainbow and a pot of gold on it.  Then Justin will be following him, dressed as a leprechaun.  Well you can't just have one leprechaun, so Pepsi has been added to the party.  So 2 little leprechauns will be following the pot of gold.  BlackJack will be following with a St. Patrick's themed blanket, with Forever Home Donkey Rescue on it.  At least that's the plan at this time, we'll see what the seamstress comes up with.

A good friend of Lynn and Linda's is coming down from Colorado for a few days and was suppose to get here on the 19th of March.  The parade is on the 18th, so now he is going to come in early.  He's an older man and wants to participate in the fun, so now there will be a golf cart all gussied up, leading the donkey rescue part of the parade.  So now we've got to figure out how to decorate the golf cart.  Thanks goodness we have 2 golf carts, otherwise we'd have to decorate the cart after chores that morning, and I'm sure we'll have enough to do without that.

The last couple of days Cisco has been limping on his right front.  Hoof is a little warm, doesn't bother him to poke and prod it.  His legs are so arthritic, that was my first thought, but doesn't look like it.  Could be an abscess I guess, just have to watch him.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Cisco, from a few years ago.  He still loves to eat cactus at certain times of the year.  We can tell when he's been "snacking" when we put our hands on his face.........OUCH.......!!

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