Saturday, February 04, 2017


Boaz has figured out that if he does "cute" things with his tongue and lips that people ooh and ahh and he gets treats.  So he is usually more than willing to play the game.  Looks like he could use a shave........LOL

This morning Tyler came to do Gigi and Penny's feet.  Gigi wears a shoe on one front foot 100% of the time, or the foot will turn under. Both of them have opinions on getting their feet done, and generally their opinion has nothing to do with Tyler's opinion on what he is going to do with their feet.

This morning it was almost like they had gotten together and decided to be as bad as they could be.  Gigi fought until she was on the ground, with Tyler's helper kneed down on her neck.  Not the best way to shoe an animal I'm sure, but he got it done.


This is what a pouting donkey looks like.  When he was done with her and we all stepped back she refused to get up.  I guess she figured if she just laid there and ignored us, it didn't happen.  They can be so much fun to watch sometimes.  She finally made the effort to get up and went as far away from us in her pen as she could get and gave us the evil eye. 

So we move on to Penny.  She seemed to be of the same mind set as Gigi, Finally got her in the redneck squeeze so we could get a halter on her.

These two are never easy, but today they seemed to be particularly obnoxious. Soooooo............

Tyler knows a guy that can build stocks.
 He's going to get the guy's phone number and see what he says.  He's made stocks for a couple of oxen our family doctor has, so donkeys should be a piece of cake.  I know one thing horse stocks don't work really well for donkeys, because of the size difference.

We're going to the races tonight at the asphalt track, to hopefully watch our son Rod, race his modified.  I don't know what it is about racers, but a lot of them seem to have no problem ignoring the car until a day or two before the races and then think their devotion to getting the car ready and staying up until all hours of the night turning wrenches, etc is fun.  John always started working of the car on Monday and in those days we raced every week-end.  Now we're lucky to get to race every month.

Lynn is going to try the asphalt, the 4th of March.  He might like it more than I do, we'll have a practice the end of February, so he'll get to feel it out before jumping out there in the "battle".  He's got a competitive nature, so he'll probably do good, at least I hope so. 

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