Saturday, December 24, 2016



After tomorrow hopefully the stores will return to normalcy,. and stop trying to get people to spend more than they should.  Well actually I guess they do that year round, but this time of year, they really push for lots of spending.  There was a spot on TV the other day about the best way to return unwanted gifts.  Really?  Christmas isn't even here and people are thinking about gift rejection.  

We spent 10 years in Saudi Arabia, where we couldn't even have a bible or Christmas tree, and that gave us time to reflect on what Christmas is about.  Oklahoma in 1907 was the last state to recognize Christmas as a holiday.  Alabama was the 1st in 1836.  For 100's of years people had celebrated Christmas, in their own way, for their own reasons.  Somehow I don't think the primary objective was to buy presents for people, for them to return to the store.  

Well I guess that's my little rant against the commercialization of Christmas, now on to donkey stuff.  Well maybe a slight diversion.  Linda e-mailed yesterday from California and said they are about done.  She also sent a picture that shows just how close to done they are.  

Can't sell trees, if you don't have trees to sell...............LOL  That's a good thing.

Not sure when they will get back here, they plan on going thru Las Vegas to visit Linda's grandmother and might find some other places to see and do on the way.  

Unfortunately this morning I had to e-mail them that Leddy their donkey is 3 legged lame.  I noticed yesterday he was favoring a front foot, this morning he's just barely putting it on the ground.  I hate abscesses, until they pop they are elusive and impossible to find and treat.  You can soak the foot, the idea being to soften the hoof and sole, so the infection can get out easier.  But the jury is out on if that actually helps to quicken the process.  He is moving around, staying with the "herd" and I think most people that have dealt with abscesses agree, movement helps to hurry the process.  Once the abscess gets to the surface, or gets close enough that you can get reaction by pushing on the hoof or coronet, or sole, it can be opened up, which gives them instant relief.  So far I haven't gotten any reaction.  A vet or farrier usually have testers, which is a torture tool, to clamp on different areas of the foot, and hopefully get a reaction at the spot where the abscess is trying to get out.  Then they can use a knife to open it up.  

As usual animals get sick on week-ends or holidays, Christmas coming on Sunday, makes it a double header, I guess.  But I'm not sure at this stage testers would even find it, so we'll give it a couple of days and see how it goes.  

Everybody else seems to be doing good. Unfortunately we had a wind storm a week or so ago, and Rosie's shelter paid the price.  

Making shelters out of pallets and cattle panels, covered with tarps, might work good where the sun doesn't rot the tarps in a couple of months.  This is the 2nd tarp that's been on this shelter. We had talked about using fiberglass panels to cover it, just hadn't gotten around to it, BUT, I think we've decided to go ahead and take down the cattle panels, and make it into a shelter like the others.  

Rosie is a wood eater, she doesn't crib, she actually eats wood.  So I hope John will agree to use pipe instead of 4x4's for the uprights.  Otherwise our little beaver girl will probably have them chewed up in no time.  

We moved her to an open pen, which is always traumatic.  They know their pens and will fight to get back in it, when you are trying to introduce them to the new pen.  She does enjoy having a shelter, and has one in the new pen.  But that doesn't mean anything when the, stupid people are trying to put her in a pen, that isn't hers.  It's always fun to watch their minds work, keeps us on our toes.  BlackJack is about the only one that won't fight for his pen.  He's been moved around so much, by the second move, he's fine with it.  

I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas and that you get to celebrate it in your own way.  Hopefully you won't feel obligated to return any gifts you receive.   LOL

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