Saturday, December 10, 2016


A few weeks ago a group came out to see the donkeys from one of the local RV parks.  They all had a good time and before they left one of the woman asked if we'd be interested in having one of the donkeys in their Christmas parade of ATV's thru the park.  

Sounded like fun, so I said sure and planned on taking one of the minis, less poundage to work with, if he decided he didn't want to be in a parade.  Most of our donkeys are easy to get along with, but when she told me they were going to hang lights around his neck and put a blanket on his back, I rethought who might be the best victim to take.  Justin was my mini choice, BUT, Justin can also be a "I don't want to" type of guy.  Whenever we are going to do something horrible, like worming or putting a halter on them, we have to do him first and even then it doesn't always go well.  If he gets a chance to see the others being "mistreated" you better have your running shoes on, until you either wear him down or get him in a corner.  Cornering him doesn't always go well either......LOL

So my 2nd choice was BlackJack, he is usually pretty mellow about change in his daily routine and has been taken up to the movie site enough times that he enjoys getting out and meeting people.  And he doesn't seem to mind having "stuff" put on him.  

We got a wreath to hang around his neck with the lights and years ago I made some Christmas hats with ear holes cut out.  This morning we decided to dress him and see how it would go.  

Do you think he would "pose"?  Of course not, and he knew John had cookies in his pocket, so they were dancing down the driveway.  He did just fine with all the Christmas stuff on him, but he had cookies on his mind as long as John was trying to walk with him.  

I finally tied him to a tree and he just stood there like a big old fuzzy grump, no pride at all.  I'm going to have to exchange the wreath, they had 2 sizes and this one is really too big and floppy.  But at least he didn't mind having it hanging on his neck.

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