Wednesday, December 07, 2016



For some reason, right now I have leisure time, makes me wonder what I'm forgetting to do.......!!!  LOL  

Had a nice couple here this morning from Illinois, that are looking for a home in Arizona.  Not necessarily in this area, they are driving to different areas looking around to see if something stands out as "home".  They had a good time I guess, said they will be back to visit with the donkeys again.

The donkeys seem to have finally accepted the fact that they are on diets, at least the fatties are.  Even though they are on "short" rations, they have given up, racing from pen to pen when John lets them out at night to clean up leftovers.  Either that, or they know there are no leftovers anymore.  John has pretty much figured out the minimum amount of hay he can feed without having a total rebellion.  I don't see any great weight loses, but hopefully with the passage of time, they will lose some.  Four of them really need to lose weight, Rosie, Buddy, Coquette, and Frijolita.  Of course trying to cut down on Rosie's hay, is what led to her ending up in the equine hospital for a few days, so it's really a delicate operation with her.  

A few days ago we went down by Amado to pick up..................another race car.  I think we're becoming hoarders, I'm not sure.  Well it hasn't raced for a LONG time and the price was right.  It is a Camaro, so if nothing else it could be body parts for a good friend that races a Camaro.  The older the car the harder it is to find replacement body parts.  Our son has also said he might fix it up and run it as a factory stock on the dirt, when he's not running his modified on the asphalt, so who knows what will happen to it.

Anyway although it looked pretty sad, it looked well built, even if it was a few years ago.  I got the idea to take a picture and put it on one of the local racing Facebook pages.  It had a Tucson Speedway sticker on the right front fender, so I assumed it had raced locally. 

Less than an hour later, I got the message below from someone I don't know:

Was run 2000-2001 by Edward pappa before that I think it was the 105 car of Larry young and the championship car from 98-99.  It's an m&m motoersports car if I recall correct so mike metzner built

GOOD GRIEF.........I couldn't remember that much about one of my own cars, from that long ago.  And to recognize it from 2 pictures, sitting on a trailer at dusk............I was just amazed.  It looks like it's been sitting somewhere for 15 years, so I doubt that it's been raced since 2001.  It's interesting to find out it's history, and since the badly faded almost non-existant name of Pappa is above the driver's door, I assume the information is correct.  


ellie k said...

What a find on the car. I hope Rosie don't get sick again. It's a toss up, too fat or sick. Poor little or big girl.

Tish said...

Rosie has probably actually lost a few pounds, it's hard to tell.......LOL She's less "lumpy", so I'm assuming that's a good thing.