Wednesday, December 02, 2015


I don't think it's a permanent fix, but one of the Blogspot guys, figured out a go around.

This is what my kitchen looks like this morning.  If we had been smart when we built the house, we would have not went for beauty and went for permanency.  We had lovely wooden windows with aluminum clad on the outside.  Over the years what little rain we got, started getting between the clad and the wood.  We now have window frames than have either rotted or dry rotted.  Not sure what the difference is, but do know you end up with gaping holes where wood should be.  

So there is a crew here today, replacing the worst ones on the south side of the kitchen and great room.  I'm sure they will be lovely when they are done, and it's suppose to be done by tonight, but in the meantime, the disruption drives me crazy.  I know, short drive.............LOL  I have a friend that is having major remodeling done to her house and she has my admiration.  There is no way I would survive that..............LOL  

This is the longest we've ever lived anywhere.  Being in the Air Force for over 20 years, we moved every 2-4 years, so remodeling and replacing wasn't much of a problem.  But if you live in the same house for years, I guess normal wear and tear catches up with you.

My new cook stove is also causing consternation.  Got it a few months ago and have noticed the oven would make booming noises like it was getting too much gas.  I kept complaining and John seemed to think I was being whiny.  Until he was watching TV and I was baking a pie.  It had blown the oven door open before, but he didn't take my word for it.  This time he did..........LOL  Just got a call from the stove guy and the factory says this has been a problem and the igniter needs to be replaced.  I'm surprised they haven't done a recall, because believe me you need nerves of steel to stay in the kitchen area, when that thing blew..........LOL

The donkeys of course aren't happy today, they are staying in the pens.  They are entirely too nosy, and helpful when workers are here.  We would let them out if they went on about their business, but that isn't their M.O.

Here is a cute picture Doug took of Boaz.  Boaz has learned how to beg effectively and this look is what gets the goodies flowing in his direction.



Steph Schmidt said...

Oh my goodness, I want to give him a cookie! Can't imagine having an oven that blows the door open, what a nerve racking situation.

Tish said...

I just made sure I didn't stand in front of the stove, when using the oven. LOL

Believe me Boaz and all of them get lots of animal crackers during the day. The guys carry crackers in their pockets and the donkeys all know it. We should buy stock in the company...!!

ellie k said...

I remember the old gas stoves that you had to light the pilot light every time you used it almost. Sometimes it lit right off and others it got a little too much gas before it lit. There was a big poof and you usually lost some hair or eye brows. You never got used to it and always felt like it was going to blow you up. I cook ( very little) with electric now but love to cook with gas.

Tish said...

Dave came out and put in a new part. We turned it on high and sat around jabbering for about an hour and never hear a peep out of it, so hopefully that particular behavior is gone. Sure was exciting though........!!!