Tuesday, December 15, 2015

HUMANS WON THE BATTLE...........SO FAR.......!!

This is Ruthie on the right, Wister and Ruger, working  people for treats
Well, not without a few changes in their routine at least for a few weeks.   Yesterday was cold, windy and rainy here.  We were lucky, some of the area got snow, so I'm not complaining.........but moving donkeys around in that type of weather isn't fun for us or them.  Donkeys really hate to be messed with if they are wet.  We drove in the driveway and they come running across the pasture to greet us.  I think they were actually excited to see if there was anyone in the trailer..........LOL  

Sarah was there and had been to 3 different feed stores to buy rabies vaccine.  The woman where the boys will be staying insisted on them being vaccinated for rabies.  But the feed store didn't sell rabies, although they do sell other types of vaccines.  I thought it might be a county thing, I've always bought my vaccines thru Valley Vet and haven't bought rabies for years, actually since Buddy Brat had a reaction, which scared the devil out of us.  When we came home I went by my feed store and sure enough, I guess feed stores can't sell rabies, even though you can buy it from catalog or on-line stores.  So I went to my vet and got them.  We actually called a vet clinic while in Tucson to see if we could buy the vaccines from them, but they required a $70 exam and they would give the shot.  SIGH...!

I'll be going in again this week sometime to "shoot" the two little trouble causers...... Actually "Santa" has to take a couple of bikes and train set into, Tucson so his "helpers" can make sure Christmas morning is a good one.  Santa was going to bring an outdoor playground, but we decided that would be a good spring project and the boys could help put it up.  Santa couldn't figure out the logistics of installing it in the back yard without getting caught and he certainly wasn't interested in doing it in the dark, after 2 little boys went to sleep..........LOL

Ruger and Wister are staying in 5 star "digs".  They have a real nice stall and turn-out and also a paddock with lots of room to run and play.  They weren't too impressed with the stall, which is inside a barn, which was another negotiating subject.  In fact Ruger was so unimpressed he wouldn't go in at all, and had to be brought in from the gate at the end of the turn-out. He still hadn't gone in when we left, although Wister had went in and out a few times.  The raised door jam was a stumbling block, literally, I'm sure they will figure it all out.  Her mare was acting like an idiot, running and blowing and staring and glaring.  Her gelding just looked at them like no big deal.  

John and Larry got to Belen to pick up the car, drove almost 800 miles and managed to get home before bedtime.  Didn't have any problems as they got farther north in New Mexico, he said there was snow on the ground, but the roads were clear.  

I think this car will be the last thing I buy sight unseen.  I told the guy what I would pay based on the picture, and actually it was quite a bit less than he was asking.  He agreed, and off the guys went to get it.  

It will be just fine as a race car, but he could have never sold it as a street car.  It's covered with frost in the picture, 24 degrees will do that you know.........LOL  But the rear window is not there, the bumper cover is torn and it hasn't even been raced yet.  The transmission won't engage, John thinks it might just be undone.  Not the right word, but it's too early for my brain to come up with anything else.  John said the motor sounds good, so now we have 3 motors and 2 transmissions, if this one does work.  Hopefully that will be enough to get me thru a season........!!!  

John's got a few more little things to do on the asphalt Dodge Neon and it will be completely done, except for the graphics.  Then he will start on this one.  

I'm not sure how running 2 cars at 2 different tracks is going to work out.  I know one thing John will probably be sorry he came up with this idea, before it's over.  All the work will be on him.  I would have been perfectly happy to just go back to the dirt, but we already had the Neon for the asphalt track.  I tried to get him to race it, but he is sticking to his "retired" guns, no more racing for him. 

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