Saturday, December 12, 2015



I got a call this morning from Sarah, her family has been fostering Ruger and Wister for a few months, to see if they want to adopt them permanently.  Permanence depended on how they got along with the new goats and how they fit into the family.  

The goats came and everyone is getting along fine.  BUT, last week the neighbors harvested their pecans with a shaker.  The shaker shakes the pecans out of the tree, and also shakes the leaves off the trees.  The leaves blew over next to the fence.  I guess the boys started out leaning over the fence to get to the tasty leaves.  Pretty soon the fence started suffering from this abuse.  Next thing the boys are over the fence, not once but on a regular basis.  She said yesterday it was down low enough she could walk over it.  They have plans on having a new fence put in, but not until in January.  She said she had been crying all morning, because they have become so attached to the boys.  She also said the neighborhood loves them, cars stop and one girl that lives in the neighborhood comes twice a week to groom them before school.  A good home like this is worth fighting for, so I offered for us to take the little travelers until they got the new fence in, which she agreed to.  She also had another idea which I like even better.  The woman that takes care of their 2 little girls, lives with her parents about 3 miles away.   They have 2 horses and a nice pasture area and are willing to let the boys stay there until the fence is finished.  

So we will probably be transporting the boys Monday.  I also suggested running either barbed wire or an electric fence along the top of their new fence.  I don't like electric because it can kill birds, and I hate to accidentally get shocked more than anyone else in the world.  But a lot of people don't like barbed wire either. Our perimeter fence is barbed wire and we've only had one scratched nose in all the years we've had donkeys.  And that includes them sticking their heads thru the fence to get to whatever goodies are on the other side.  We actually find quite a few of the fly masks stuck on the wire, fly masks don't seem to make the trip thru the fence as well as their heads do.  

The reason we can't do it this week-end is, today John is going into our son's in Tucson to work on a friend's motor for his race car.  Tomorrow John and Larry, the friend are driving to Belen, New Mexico to pick up a KIA SEPHIA to make into my dirt car for this year.  So as usual our plates, or at least John's plate is over full.  SIGH..........  We didn't want to let this car go, since we've been looking for one for weeks. 

The Dodge Neon to run on the asphalt track is finished.  John and Larry spent 2 days last week, welding on the roll cage.  Road racing roll cages aren't exactly like circle track cages.  If they wreck, they usually wreck differently, so the strength is in different areas.  They got it all ready to go, so all that's left, we hope, is to get the graphics on.  In the old days I made them with patterns cut out of brown paper bags.  But that's not good enough anymore I guess..........LOL  

I had to take a picture when John pulled in

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