Tuesday, December 08, 2015



I know I'm sitting in Arizona being whiny, but why do the nights have to be so COLD?  It doesn't build incentive to get out of bed in the morning, that's for sure.  I even catch John turning the mattress heater on his side on, in the early morning hours.  He turns it down on low, but he gets too comfy and oversleeps.  I'll wake up and there are cats sitting and staring at him, like that will wake him up.  LOL So I wake him up, much to their delight.  

Julius the outdoor cat is becoming very "I really like being inside and eating canned food".  He comes in every morning, plays with the others, cleans up their canned food, plops himself down in Snooky's round high sided warm bed in the sun for awhile and then wants out again.  So he hasn't given up his freedom, but he is enjoying the indoor comforts.  Snooky gets the funniest look on his face, as he sits by his "personal" bed watching Julius sleep.  Julius has one of the Burger Cat Beds on the back porch and he stays in it quite a bit too.

We took Jake back to his home a few days ago.  He had been here because we weren't sure how he would act towards the 3 new little babies Jim and Bobbie had, since he had been a herd jack until last spring.  Jim said he moved right back like he had never left and seems to be very mellow with the 3 little monsters.  I guess they are very busy running and jumping around.  They've got plenty of room to run and get plenty of exercise and all seem to be very healthy.  I ran my hands all over them, picked up feet and they didn't mind at all.  I guess Jake always turned the wheelbarrows over.  We don't have any wheelbarrows, but Jim said he started turning them over right on schedule the next morning.

 Here is eight of the herd of eleven, look at all that room to run.....!!

 Here is John with Shadow and Rowdy, two of the little "darlings".

Over in the NEW STUFF links on the right is a video on teeth and dental that is really interested.  If you get a chance check it out.  

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