Sunday, December 21, 2014


Got this off Facebook, don't know who Carole Powell is, but this is wonderful......!!

Today we went to a funeral for a 22 year old woman that fell while enjoying the great outdoors.  No parent should ever have to bury a child.  What a waste, she was a lovely young lady that wanted to help others less fortunate, as her life's work and will be missed judging from the many people attending her service.  

This evening we were rounding up and feeding right before dark, and the dogs started barking.  That's not unusual, John says Niki barks every time the neighbor coughs.  It's not quite that bad, besides our neighbors aren't that near.  

Anyway we usually look down the driveway when they bark, just in case.  We noticed a car out there, but didn't think much about it, as we are always expecting FedEx and UPS and have a large container out by the driveway for them to leave boxes in, so the donkeys can't get to them.  This time of year they use contract drivers that use their own vehicles to deliver.  Sure enough I saw someone get out and go towards the container.  So I finished what I was doing, jumped in the golf cart and went out to see what they brought.  Imagine my surprise when I looked at the container and saw a $20 bill stuck under a rock on top.  No boxes inside.........!!!!  I guess someone wanted to buy the donkeys some extra carrots for the holidays, I do wish they had come in so we could thank them.  Hopefully they will see this blog.

Gigi seems to be getting a little better, I know she's already looking forward to her graham cracker, applesauce sandwich with j-herb in it.  She gets that twice a day and anxiously watches when I come out of the house and head for the pen area.  I might add Rosie watches about as anxiously, their pens are side by side.  I've explained to her that Gigi is getting medicine that she doesn't need.  I don't think Rosie wants the medicine but she'd sure like to get hold of that graham cracker..........!!!

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