Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Gigi has been struggling since Tyler took the shoe off her right front foot.   I checked her foot a couple of days ago, it's not hot, started at her shoulder and felt all the way down to her foot.  Didn't find anyplace that was ouchy, so I don't know what's going on.  I've got a call in for Tyler, but haven't heard back so far.  She's laying down like she did when she first came here.  Hopefully she isn't getting an abscess.  I can't imagine trying to soak her foot, although she did let me lift her foot to make sure she didn't have something caught in the bottom.  Of course that was after John put her in the "redneck" squeeze, she just will not allow us to do anything with her out of the squeeze.

This year for Thanksgiving we went to some friend's house and had a great time.  Unfortunately when you go out  for  the holiday there isn't any leftovers, which John is always ready to tell me about.  SIGH......!!!  I promised him that I would fix him a holiday dinner sometime between  Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Well I looked up and discovered Christmas is coming pretty quick.  So today is the day I make good on my promise.  I cheated by cooking a turkey breast and getting John  2 drumsticks, since he loves the drumsticks and sandwiches.  And I'm cooking all the other stuff that goes with it, dressing, potatoes, gravy, waldorf salad, and of course pie.  Was going to do pumpkin pie, one of his favorites, but my frozen pie crust looked like a road map with all the cracks.  You can use a cracked, put together crust with a pudding filling, not with pumpkin.  I learned years ago the crust will float to the top, which makes for an interesting visual.  So it's one of my favorites, chocolate........!!!  LOL

Needless to say for 2 people there's going to be a lot of leftovers, I've never been able to cook, just a little bit of all that stuff, so John should be thrilled for the next few days......!!!!

Our cold, high humidity weather lately has been hard on old Pepper.  His knees are really bad, but it doesn't stop him from wandering all over the place, I just hate to see him gimping around.  I put a cover on his worst knee a couple of days ago, and it seems to be helping.  


ellie k said...

I love having leftovers. I have a turkey in the freezer now. I will make a couple of tv dinners from the left overs and my husband can enjoy the meal when I don't want to cook.

Tish said...

John bless his heart, HAS to HAVE leftovers, no matter what the meal is. I had a friend one time, who's family of 5 kids and a husband, didn't eat leftovers and most of them didn't eat the same thing. She'd basically stand in the kitchen and they'd filter thru and she'd take orders......Jeesh!

ellie k said...

Bless your friends heart, I am not that nice I don't think.we do love leftovers, too much. When I cooked for my kids they ate what was on the table or cereal, that was the choice, they were both good eaters since we ate out of the garden and freezer. My son is military and some of the things he has told me that he has eaten I could probably never consider trying it even. He said the only thing he had trouble eating was roast monkey, said they look like a child over the fire, but in the jungle and war time you eat what you have.

Tish said...

Oh dear, don't think I could eat monkey if it was recognizable. Cereal was always an option for our son, but he usually ate whatever was on the table.