Monday, December 22, 2014


We have 6 cats total, 4 in the house and Hobo and Julius are outdoor 1/2 feral.  Hobo is momma to two of the indoor cats, and Julius is their brother.  Hobo won't get in anything for shelter, she just lays on the back porch on a rug.  I put a box out there with a rug in it in this last cold snap we had.  Low and behold she actually has gotten use to laying in it.  The sides are short so she can see all directions.   

Somewhere I read about a Hamburger Cat bed and thought well maybe she would get in that.  Ordered one, received it today, unpacked it, set it on the floor and this is how it has looked for the last 3 or so hours......................!!!! 

Now what do I do.........????   Doesn't look like Nigel is going to give it up anytime soon.  I'm not even sure Hobo will get in it after he's "smelled" it all up.  Looks like I'll be ordering some more hamburger beds............LOL

Today was a bountiful day as far as packages are concerned, I also got a book I had been wanting to read.


I've been hearing about helicopter parents that hover over their little ones to the point of smothering them and their daily lives.   There was an interview on TV the other day of this woman and some others that Free Range their kids.  I just had to see what they are doing so different than what seems to be the norm these days.   Haven't had a chance to read it yet, but have a feeling it's going to sound like my childhood...........!!!!!   LOL  I never realized I was being "free ranged", but I certainly had a lot of freedom to accomplish or fail.  

The other book I just finished.   It written by the owner of the local sale barn.  We've known Mike for years, just didn't know he was a writer.  Well this is his first attempt and I must say, I found it very interesting.  If you want to read short stories about a way of life that's pretty much disappeared, you might find this good reading.   We met him years ago, before we had a stock trailer of our own.  We needed to take a donkey to the vet for an emergency and didn't know anyone that had a trailer.  On a whim I called the sale barn, thought they might know someone.  Mike answered the phone, I explained our problem, and he said to come on over he had a trailer we could borrow.  He didn't know us from Adam, didn't even take our name, just helped hook up the trailer and sent us on our way on a hand shake.  We found out later, it wasn't even his trailer, it was one someone was storing at his place.  Not sure if that was good or bad, but after a lifetime of dealing with people, he obviously still has trust in his fellow man. 


ellie k said...

I was a free range kid too, played in the creek in the cow pasture, ran bare foot, played in the rain and rode my bike on the road alone. All those things we are afraid to let kids do to day, so many evil people out there. Breaks my heart that kids can't enjoy life now and have taken to electronics instead of real fun. And the trailer thing, that was when a hand shake and your word meant something. When neighbors helped each other.

Chelra said...

We were free range kids. The neighbors called us latchkey. Both parents worked so we were allowed to run and play as much as we wanted. I think we all turned out pretty good!

Tish said...

I feel so sorry for kids today, they'll never know what they've missed. I remember laying in the front yard with my Daddy, doing cloud pictures, who does that today? Started flying by myself twice a year at the age of 7, the stewardess knew I was alone but that was it. Got to go in the cockpit, got little wings and a certificate saying I was a crew member. SIGH All my folks told me was if I had problems, to go to the counter and tell them I was flying alone. Had to do that when a wheel fell off during take off one time.......LOL Mother freaked, so from the age of 11 to 17 I spent 24 hours on a train, taking a taxi in Ft Worth to the other train station in town to change trains. No one in the system knew I was alone and I had the same instructions, problems go to counter. Floods washing out bridges led to another phone call......LOL Great memories...!