Saturday, December 13, 2014


Well, maybe rainy is a little much, it's mostly been dreary, windy with occasional 2 minute sprinkles.  This morning when we got up it was 50 degrees, it is now time to do evening chores and it's 50 degrees.........!!!!  This afternoon it was a little warmer, but not much.  John said it wasn't going to rain, so I've been making fun of his weather reporting abilities.  

Of course the donkeys are grumpy, I went out this afternoon to make sure the heater was on in the feed room, and about half of them were standing in the "rain", I yelled at Cisco and told him he had a perfectly good shelter in his pen.  Unfortunately when I looked in his pen there were 4 mini donkeys already in his shelter.  There are plenty of places to get in out of the wind and rain, but a lot of them just turn their butts to the weather and wait it out.  

This is Rosie last January , with her pones and bubble butt

I took a picture of Rosie this morning to compare to what she looked like last January when she came here.  She is still a "little too short for her weight", but we are headed in the right direction.  She's lost the lumps and her tail is no longer embedded in her fat rump.  YIPPEE..........!!! 


Chelra said...

Good job! She looks great!

Tish said...

She's got a ways to go, but we're pleased with how well she is doing.

Laura said...

I recently rescued Rosie's twin sister! major pones, not a fat belly, crest of neck fallen over, unwilling to have feet handled (had to have her sedated for her first farrier visit). I am so impressed that Rosie lost her pones! What did you do? I'm giving mine moderate bermuda hay, about 1/2 flake twice a day, and all day access to very short grass. I'm in Yuma. I would love to meet you. I was just looking for info on pone reduction and came across your site.