Friday, December 26, 2014


Today started out at 7AM with about 8 or 9 workers, 3 big trucks and 2 pick-ups showing up, ready to redo the outside of the house and redo the courtyard with flagstone instead of saltillo tile.  They are in the courtyard, taking up the tile, out in back working on refinishing the wood trim  Unloading supplies..............hmmm........long term that is going to be interesting.  The donkeys were out when the parade arrived and the ones in the area stood in stunned silence at this insult to their quiet peaceful world.  Boaz is still not having any of it, if stares and glares could get rid of them, they'd be gone........!!!  

But they have a big pile of sand on a tarp, flagstone laying here and there, tools scattered everywhere........and the donkeys are still in their pens from breakfast.  BlackJack was out when they drove in and opened the backs of the trucks to start unloading.  He was right there with his big black head in the truck to see if they brought anything interesting.  He has been known to rip open concrete bags, all that were available, because one of them HAD to have something good in it.  That's how we learned about using corral panels to protect tools and supplies, many years ago.  

We only have 4 extra corral panels to "protect" stuff, so we'll have to see how they leave everything this afternoon, hopefully everything will be in one area we can surround with four 12 foot corral panels.  As it is I'm thinking of keeping the donkeys in today, if we can stand the screaming and yelling.  They know when they are being mistreated and don't take it without letting us know.  I think it would be easier to move...........!!!  LOL

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